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We are supplier of Semi Precious Stones Rough and Finished products as well as Minerals, Abrasives, Tiles, Slabs, Cobbles of various Stones in India as well as in International Market. We are exporting from last 30 Years, after tons of experience we are now introducing you a broad platform of all Stone product under single one roof. Our Aim is to fulfill all requirements of clients regarding any stone product. We have our own Mining in India. Our main goal is to provide quality material at reasonable price. We are now introducing our all Categories of products. 
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Our Team

Our CEO, Mr. RAEES KHAN is highly experienced and have vast knowledge about the world of stones. He is strong pillar of our company. Such a vast industry is solely managed by his instructions.










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We cover all worldwide locations. We have got strong logistic partners. Our Moto Fast Delivery. Safe Delivery.

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Quality Assured material.
Best Quality Stones, Certified and checked my our quality experts.

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We love to supply in bulk contact us for bulk discounted rates.

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