Golden Pyrite Tumbles

Golden Pyrite Tumbles Stones Polished at Wholesale Prices.

Premium Quality Tumbled Stones for Healing.

Available in all sizes like 20 – 30 mm and so on.

Polished Round Stones Premium Quality with hand buff polish to achieve glossy look.

All Varieties are available with us.

Small packets of 500 Grams, 1 Kg can also be prepared as per order



Golden pyrite tumble by Quazi Minerals is a polished and smooth stone made from the pyrite. The stone has been tumbled in a machine to create a smooth, rounded shape, and it has a golden color and a metallic luster.

Golden pyrite tumbles are popular in crystal healing and are believed by some to have energetic properties that can help with manifestation, confidence, and creativity.

Quazi Minerals is a company that sources and supplies a variety of minerals, including golden pyrite tumbles, to customers around the world.




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