Green Aventurine Gemstone Trees

Green Aventurine Gemstone Trees

Size : We can customize as per your requirement.

Number of Chips : 100 , 200,  300, 500.

Gemstone Tree with Wooden base with original Polished Gemstones.

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A gemstone tree is an artistic creation that mimics the appearance of a miniature tree, where the leaves or branches are made of various gemstones or crystals instead of traditional foliage. These trees are often handcrafted by artisans and are popular as decorative pieces or as objects of metaphysical and spiritual significance.

The base of a gemstone tree is typically made of a sturdy material like metal, wood, or resin. The trunk and branches are usually formed by twisting wires together, providing a framework to hold the gemstones in place. The wires are carefully shaped and arranged to resemble the natural growth patterns of a tree.

Gemstones or crystals are attached to the branches, acting as the leaves or blossoms of the tree. These gemstones can vary in size, shape, and color, offering a wide range of visual appeal. Common gemstones used in gemstone trees include amethyst, quartz, rose quartz, citrine, agate, jasper, and many others. Each gemstone is selected for its unique properties, such as its color, energy, or metaphysical significance.

Gemstone trees are often associated with various metaphysical and spiritual beliefs. Different gemstones are believed to possess specific energies or healing properties, and having them in the form of a tree can amplify their effects. Some people use gemstone trees for meditation, energy work, or to enhance the atmosphere in a particular space.

In addition to their spiritual significance, gemstone trees are also appreciated for their aesthetic value. The combination of vibrant gemstones and the intricate wirework creates a visually captivating display, making them popular decorative pieces for homes, offices, or crystal healing centers.

Overall, a gemstone tree is a unique and beautiful creation that combines nature-inspired artistry with the captivating allure of gemstones. Whether appreciated for their spiritual qualities or their visual appeal, gemstone trees are cherished by those who appreciate the beauty and energy of gemstones.


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