Red Jasper Top Polish Points

Red Jasper Top Polish Points

Top Polish Point half of base is raw and top is cut to pencil shape and polished.

Size : As Per Requirement.

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A gemstone top polished point in its raw form refers to a natural crystal or mineral specimen that has been roughly shaped into a pointed form at one end while maintaining its natural, unpolished state on the other portions of the stone.

When a crystal or mineral is extracted from the earth, it is often found in a rough, unrefined state. To create a gemstone top polished point, lapidaries or artisans carefully shape one end of the crystal or mineral into a pointed form. This shaping process involves removing excess material and gradually grinding and polishing the surface to achieve a smooth, pointed tip.

The top polished point retains the raw, unpolished appearance on the majority of its surface. This means that the sides, back, and base of the crystal still showcase the natural texture, roughness, and color variations of the original stone. Only the pointed tip is polished to a smooth finish, creating a contrast between the raw and polished sections of the crystal.

The gemstone top polished point allows for the natural beauty of the crystal to be showcased while also providing a practical shape for various purposes. The polished tip is often used for focused energy work, meditation, or directing intentions, while the unpolished areas may still retain the energetic properties and unique characteristics associated with the specific crystal or mineral.

Gemstone top polished points come in a variety of gemstone types, including clear quartz, amethyst, citrine, rose quartz, and many others. Each gemstone has its own distinct properties, colors, and patterns, which are preserved and highlighted in their raw, unpolished sections.

These crystal points are widely appreciated by crystal enthusiasts, energy workers, and collectors. They can be used for personal meditation practices, incorporated into crystal grids or altars, or displayed as decorative pieces. The combination of the natural, rough appearance with the polished point creates a visually striking and energetically versatile crystal specimen.


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